PRIMI’s New Mouthwatering ‘COME AS YOU ARE’ Breakfast Menu

Did someone say PRIMI? And BREAKFAST? Yes! If you’re a devoted breakfast-goer (like us), and you’re looking for a new spot to catch-up over something tasty, then you’re going to love this…

Over the past weekend, we were invited to taste and review PRIMI’s newly revamped ‘COME AS YOU ARE’ breakfast menu. Honestly, it’s enough to send your taste buds on an adventure of its own.

From their indulgent Eggs Benedict in four variations to their Frittatas, Breakfast Bowls and classic straightforward bacon and egg combos, their newly revamped menu ticks all the boxes: bang for your buck, healthy, flavoursome and most certainly filling. Not to mention the presentation – WOW!

Thankfully I’m not a picky eater, but I am confident in saying that the menu offers something to suit every palate preference. Most of these dishes incorporate locally sourced ingredients with a healthy spin, so if you can’t decide on one option (trust me it’s hard), why not order a few to share.

(The drinks menu also includes a new warmly spiced Masala Chai tea and latte.)

Big up’s to Chef Natale Schotti who has been at the helm of PRIMI’s recipe development for the last year. She has really put the zing back into comfort food, leaving me feeling well fed, healthy and happy.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service and experience. I’ll be back for more!

To join the breakfast conversation, use the hashtag #IAMUrban. We’d love to hear your thoughts too? Book your spot today and enjoy their new ‘COME AS YOU ARE’ breakfast menu (available nationwide).

For more information, visit: Breakfast servings end at 12pm.

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