Keep Warm with Hug in a Mug’s New Cinnamon Bun Cappuccino Flavour

What a brew! House of Coffees has done it again!

Just what you’d imagined it to taste like, it tastes even better.

For those of you that ever crave the casual cinnamon bun, or just enjoy the taste of the cinnamon spice for savoury or sweet reasons, you’ll absolutely love this new cinnamon flavoured cappuccino from Hug in a Mug.

Much like the rest of their flavours, this new one is perfect for those cold wintery mornings or just before bed. It gives you the best of both words: coffee and sweetness. Just enough to satisfy your cravings.

From taste to convenience, we love Hug in the Mug because their sachets offer the right amount to give you that coffee fix. Why compromise on taste and quality when you can so easily have a treat on-the-go, at home or at the office? 

For the love of coffee, grab your box of 10 sachets at almost every retail grocery store in the coffee aisle. Visit for more.

(PS: For an extra creamy and foamy cuppa, add a bit of milk to the mixture and stir it before adding the hot water in. No need to add sugar.)

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