Feeling healthy while indulging in Fria’s Superfoods

Feeling healthy while indulging in Fria’s Superfoods

As we know, finding tasty treats that are actually good for you can be a challenge in today’s convenience-driven lifestyle. Well, I quickly changed my tune when I discovered Fria’s Superfoods.

Based in Cape Town, Fria is a health enthusiast with a deep love for cooking. With more people trying to eat healthily and follow a tasty, yet low-carb or sugar-free diet at the same time, it’s tricky to find something that keeps a balance between delicious and healthy. But, Fria creates recipes for people who are struggling to achieve exactly that. She plans, creates and tastes all treats, therefore she knows exactly what goes into each Superfood creation. From nuts to seeds and beans, sprouted buckwheat, dates, coconut oil, moringa, spirulina, chia seeds and cacao nibs, nothing is processed. Only the good stuff.

The good news is that I was treated to a box of items which included a snickers cake, peppermint mousse cake, black bean truffles, matcha mint and liquorice balls, sweet potato brownie balls and lemon bliss balls. At first glance, I was completely blown away by the packaging. Fria has the ability to make healthy treats look creative and enticing. I first opened and nibbled on something that caught my eye: black bean truffles. After tasting everything, my favourites were the lemon bliss balls and sweet potato brownie balls.

For someone with a sweet tooth, I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate taste of cacao and dark chocolate. Even if you don’t enjoy the thought of replacing sugary treats with protein-based ingredients, you are completely satisfied after one truffle ball. This concept has certainly opened my eyes to clean eating, allowing me the opportunity to indulge with healthier ‘sweet’ alternatives without feeling guilty.

Treating yourself every now and then is important. And, if you (like many other people) feel ill after indulging in something carb or sugar heavy or are unable to consume regular treats for health reasons, then Fria’s is a perfect way to start a fresh lifestyle that treats your body to the raw nutrients that it needs.

With winter kicking in, don’t limit you or your family to Friday night movie treats. Try something new by exploring Fria’s healthy sprouted protein treats. You can order her products online, otherwise, Fria has a range of products which are available at the Wellness Warehouse at Lifestyle on Kloof and Cavendish Square, as well as at Spar in Sea Point and Vredehoek in Cape Town.

For more information, visit her website and social media pages.




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