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As much as customers are always looking to save money, so are businesses. At The Splash Room we pride ourselves in building a cost-effective marketing solution for both SME’s and larger corporates that are looking to boost awareness, without having to fork out or stretch their budgets.

We can optimise your budget to ensure the highest possible return on investment…

Our value-driven site allows you to reach your audiences on a wider scale, leveraging our online platform and social channels to better engage and communicate with your consumers. We exist to help YOU understand your audience’s behaviour better, spark an interest, generate online traffic to your own site, grow your current fan base and drive new footfall to your store.

Too good to be true? We don’t blame you. We’re pretty awesome.

Our offerings range from standard weekly or monthly slots, to more featured slots. Both include social media posts, website posts, additional product or service reviews, newsletters and lots of love. To request our rates, please drop us a note ( and we will get in touch. Should you have any questions, it would be great to talk you through the detail.